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Partner Stories

Our partners collaborate with us to enhance the accessibility of

healthcare services in order to benefit a larger population.

Corporate Wellness

Long working hours combined with stress can result in insufficient sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise. In turn, this can lead to poor staff health and decrease in productivity.


Many MNC’s offer comprehensive health and wellness initiatives to care for their staff. In addition to offering universal health checks such as blood pressure and BMI, mediscan is a unique offering that can be incorporated as a standalone or as part of other services. With screenings as fast as 10 min per person and real-time health report generation, staff become motivated to get healthier and stronger.

To date, mediscan corporate screening services have spanned over 15 offices with some of the largest MNC’s in Hong Kong.


4.7/5 Employees find the technology useful

4.8/5 Employees like the professional service

84% Employees want to test again in the future

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Liver health is extremely important to know, but unfortunately, symptoms do not show up until it's in advanced stages. Therefore, screenings for early stage liver health is necessary. Transient elastography (TE) is a clinical standard, non-invasive ultrasound technique to measure fat in the liver - the earliest stage of liver disease, but not all clinics provide this service. 

mediscan can serve as an alternative to TE for measuring fatty liver. In a routine check-up, the physician refers a suspecting patient for mediscan, and the test can be done right away on site - easy. The physician can then use this information to help determine the patient’s next course of action.

To date, over 100 people have been tested with our premium clinic providers.

Elderly and Rehabilitation

The elderly and rehabilitation population are some of the most vulnerable populations for chronic disease, but factors such as decreased mobility, access to transport, communication difficulties, and long, arduous wait times, to name a few, are barriers to preventative screenings. 


Gerontech, or the use of technology geared specifically toward the elderly, can be an important tool in improving the quality of life for the elderly while decreasing the burden of clinics and hospitals.


To date, over 400 elderly and rehabilitation scans been administered by CFSC at either centers or home care. Of these, more than 100 have been screened for fatty liver, and ¼ of these patients were at high risk. In combination with other risk factors, the results of mediscan will be included in the patient’s file for the subsequent doctor’s follow up. 


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