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mediscan targets preventive screening and chronic disease monitoring at home, elderly homes, clinics and more
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Community-Based Screening

Increase access to disease
prevention and screening

Enhance primary healthcare services in the community with health screenings and community rehabilitation for target groups

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Health Check-up Providers

Make health screenings more accessible to customers

Incorporate clinically benchmarked, non-invasive health tests into your existing body check-up packages or create new, personalised packages

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Elderly Homes

Ensuring the best quality-of-life for the elderly

In-depth home-based health monitoring to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and to give loved ones added peace of mind

For eligible participants, the HK government Social Welfare Department established the Innovation and Technology Fund to fully subsidize technologies to improve the lives of the elderly.

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Corporate Wellness

In-office health solutions using the latest IOT technologies

Invest directly into your employees well-being by providing them with preventative health screenings during working hours

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Medical device distributors

Partner with us to make
a real difference

Let’s work together to offer the first-ever portable, IOT device for preventative screenings with all tests benchmarked to clinical standards

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And more sectors:

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