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Myths and Facts of Your Detox Liver Supplements

The liver is our body’s primary detoxifying organ, responsible for eliminating environmental toxins such as pollutants, alcohol and chemicals. It’s responsible for over 500 biological processes that promote healthy skin, digestion, blood processing and the building of proteins so that our other organs can work optimally.

With the rise in liver disease globally, the current market for liver health supplements is forecasted to reach nearly USD 995.5 million by 2027. Unfortunately, this has also driven manufacturers to take advantage of suspect advertisements and launch unsafe herbal and dietary supplements that might in fact be damaging to the liver.

Myth 1- Detox and herbal supplements can keep the liver healthy

Some common herbal ingredients such as milk thistle and turmeric extract have been shown to have a positive impact on liver health. If taking supplements for the liver, preventing liver inflammation and damage also requires avoiding overindulgence in alcohol and food and incorporating exercise.

Myth 2 - Supplements protect you against liver disease

The best way in preventing liver disease is to do early screening, identify its root cause and take preventive steps in lifestyle management including limiting alcohol and fat consumption, and exposure to toxins. Supplements may aid in preventing liver disease, but your lifestyle remains the biggest factor.

Myth 3- All supplements are the same

Good quality supplements are made with quality ingredients, appropriate dosage, and good manufacturing practices. It is important to go with reputable manufacturers, understand the product and pay attention to product labels.

Myth 4 - More is better

In actuality, less is more. Excessive use of supplements can harm and stress the liver. Ensure that you follow directions - supplements in excess will not lead to more immediate effects or better results.


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