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Use Cases

Explore the diverse applications of our portable imaging devices. Our devices use innovative medical imaging technology to enable active health screening and chronic disease monitoring. Discover more about how we can work with you.

Patient Engagement

Medical clinics try to motivate patients to improve their health and then monitor their patients progress over time. A quick and simple test with real-time results can be the warning sign to inspire the necessary lifestyle changes. 


Outreach Services

The older we get, the more at risk we are for chronic diseases. A decentralized solution, for example, deployed in day care centers,  community centers, and home care, can significantly decrease the risk of hospitalizations through early detection.

Employee Investment

Businesses can better focus on employee health, improve productivity and morale, and help employees better understand their own health status to take more targeted health management measures. 


Health for the Disabled

Our product features a simple and user-friendly design that helps people with disabilities easily undergo screening for chronic diseases to improve quality of life. Tests can be taken either sitting or lying down, without restrictions on location or transportation requirements.

Add-on Services

Mediscan is used for the early detection of chronic disease which can then be bridged to motivate users into taking actionable results, such as working with doctors for prescribed medications, dieticians, TCM practitioners, fitness centers, insurance benefits and more

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