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Easy Things You Can Do To Ensure Healthy Lungs

Many people don’t put much consideration into their lung health. There are many simple, practical things you can do to make sure your lungs are healthy. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your lungs healthy and strong (apart from not smoking!).


Laughing is the best medicine. It is an aerobic workout for your diaphragm, helping the lungs receive oxygen in and expel carbon dioxide. Laughter expands the alveoli and tiny air sacs in your lungs for more efficient oxygen exchange. Hearty laughs with coughs even loosen up and clear out the mucus in your lungs.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is very important for your overall health, but especially for your lung health. Our lungs are about 83% water; drinking water keeps the mucus flowing and cilia (tiny hairs) mobile for sweeping out pathogens, making it easier to breathe.

Get Good Air Quality / Improve Air Quality

Indoor air sometimes can be more polluted than outdoor air. To reduce your exposure to indoor air pollutants, spend some time outdoors for a breath of fresh air. Keep a clean household by changing air filters, linens, and by vacuuming regularly.

Exercise and Stay Active

Regular exercise keeps your lungs healthy and your muscles strong. Physical exercise is a good stimulation for your heart, causing you to breathe deeper. This process increases your lung capacity when you inhale and helps you exhale a larger volume of air.

Breathing exercise

You can practice deep breathing anytime, anywhere to help you reach your lung’s full capacity. Diaphragm breathing contracts the diaphragm, expands the chest, and allows you to inhale more deeply. Pursed lip breathing forces you to slow down your breathing in order to get more air into your lungs.


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