Our award-winning imaging device targets early diagnostic screening at home and pre-first-line medical imaging at clinics and hospitals

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Medical Imaging

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Gense’s low-cost and portable imaging device displays cross-sectional images, waveforms and indicators which can serve as an affordable medical diagnostic screening tool and a continuous monitoring device for patients. The patients’ data can be compiled in a cloud system to be remotely monitored by medical personnel. 


We believe in delivering state-of-the-art technology to improve the world we live in.


How it works?


​Home-Based Health Monitoring 

Self-administered diagnostic monitoring and remote health tracking

Self-Administered Test 

Clinic visit/ medical staff NOT required

No Wait Time 

Additional remote monitoring modality to streamline long queues in CT/ USI/ MRI

Hospital Bedside Health Monitoring 

Hospital bedside continuous monitoring for rapid disease progression alert within isolation

Alternative First-Line

Imaging Modality

Bedside alternative for X-Ray/ CT scan without moving patient out of ward

Continuous Imaging 

Monitor cross-section at 30 frame per second to assess regional functionality

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