Low cost portable medical
imaging device

Monitoring Early Signs of Health Risk easily

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Safe and non-invasive

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Easy-to-use,  tests in < 1 min

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Results benchmarked to clinical standards

Meet our team

The award-winning startup is built by a team of 20 PhDs and researchers from Cambridge, Stanford and Hong Kong.
The team is coordinating over 10 partnerships with professors on clinical trials and engineering.
We have ongoing research collaborations in the USA, UK, and EU

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Russell, PhD



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Justin, MPhil



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Eddie, PhD



Our Product

A Revolutionary Medical Imaging Device 

With mediscan, you can easily test for some of the most prevalent diseases in the world such as COPD, fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and chronic kidney disease (CKD) - at your convenience 

Follow user-friendly test guides in gense App to complete the health test by yourself

gense App for User

  • We take you through the entire journey - all the way to personalized reports to help manage your health.

  • With this in hand, empower yourself to take actionable steps for a healthier lifestyle.


mediscan device

  • These health indexes estimate the exact same numbers as you would find in the clinic, for example FEV1/FVC ratios for lung tests with spirometry. 

  • And the best part, each test only takes 5 min. 

Monitor organ-specific health indexes across

lungs, liver and kidney with gense device and app

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mediscan belt

  • Our 16 electrode belt was designed so that anyone can use it, without any medical training.  

  • Lightweight and comfortably wraps around your organ of choice. 

  • Connects directly to the mediscan device.

Enroll and manage new clients for home-scanning services, decentralised screening and monitoring at elderly homes, clinics and more

gense App for Service Provider

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Follow user-friendly test guides in Gense App

to complete the health test by yourself

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Personalized Report

Personalized report to help manage your health


Accessible preventative care with gense



A portable solution for convenient, direct to user health screenings

Lung Liver Kidney Test - Tests with efficiency

From wearing the belt, connecting to the device and having real-time results for a scan right on your phone - the process takes less than 5 min. Scan all three organs - lung, liver and kidney - all in 10 min. And the best part, the whole process does not require any medical training to use.


Health screening deployment for any situation

Decentralizing healthcare - with mediscan, you now have unlimited access to health screening services. From elderly homes, nursing communities, to corporate wellness and more, health screening for the lung, liver, and kidney have never been made easier.





Clinically validated results

Your results are generated in real-time into easy-to-understand PDF’s. These estimate the same numbers you would find right in the clinic, with high accuracy. And helpful health advice, health articles and next steps are integrated together with the results.

Trustworthy and reliable health screenings


Results backed by Science

At gense, we take health seriously. We use EIT-powered technology and advanced AI approaches to determine organ health. We confirm the high accuracy of our test results by directly validating with clinical trials. We have 6 provisional patents for our work.

Read about our scientific research


Partners and Awards


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